Top 6: Our Most Read Blogs of 2022

Whether it’s from our engaged team at BIOTRONIK, inspiring patients, or expert physicians—one thing is clear from our most read BIOTRONIK blog stories of 2022: real stories, from real people, touch hearts.

This year’s most read list covers personal and inspiring stories such as what it’s like to work at BIOTRONIK, how cardiac patients can go on living active, healthy lives, and more. They also provide insights into physicians' daily practices and efforts to improve patients’ lives or better manage heart conditions.

Here were the most read blog articles in 2022 – enjoy the year in review:


Most-Read BIOTRONIK Blog of 2022: Women at BIOTRONIK: Four of Our Most Inspiring Leaders Talk About the Most Important Lessons From Their Careers

Released on International Women’s Day in March, this post featured insights from Heather Brogan from the UK, Amy Culley from the US, Paloma Quesada from Spain, and Elizabeth Wong from Singapore—who lead clinical, sales, and marketing teams at BIOTRONIK offices around the world.

The four talk about their advice for women pursuing leadership positions, what made them choose their fields, and finding mentorship.

Marianella Cordero

2. Staying Active and Sticking to Goals With a Heart Implant

One of the most inspiring patients with a BIOTRONIK device, Costa Rican journalist and marathon runner Marianella Cordero, shared the story of how she got back to running marathons after receiving her pacemaker in 2015.

Calling her BIOTRONIK pacemaker her “dream-maker,” Marianella shares how she developed the patience to gradually get her body ready again for racing and an active lifestyle. Having now run 15 marathons—over half with her pacemaker—she shares her next goals in this blog post from April.

How to Select ICDs and Foster Early Detection of Atrial Fibrillation

3. How to Select ICDs and Foster Early Detection of Atrial Fibrillation

In this April interview, University of Szeged’s Dr. Mate Vamos goes into the clinical burden and risks of asymptomatic AF, recommending BIOTRONIK DX systems with atrial sensing for certain patients who are not currently candidates for atrial pacing and still not on anti-coagulants.

He takes readers through his flowchart for how to choose an ICD depending on atrial-related indications.

Prof. Dr. Reza Wakili

4. The Future of AF Management in ICD Patients

For Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month in September, Prof. Dr. Reza Wakili, Division Head of the Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia Service at Essen University Hospital, spoke to us about determining the AF burden, as opposed to simply detecting whether AF was present or not in patients.

Determining AF burden will become more and more relevant in the future, he told us. In addition, both connected health apps such as the BIOTRONIK Patient App and DX systems, featuring a single lead with atrial sensing, can play a crucial role in quantifying AF burden and adapting treatment.

Boris Arendt

5. How Strong Data Protection Can Help Drive Digital Advancements

Strong data protection is often presented as something that tempers the promise of the Digital Age and the innovations that can potentially lead to great leaps for our healthcare.

In this blog from January, BIOTRONIK Data Protection Officer Boris Arendt says the opposite is often true—that strong data protection can help unlock the Digital Age’s promise.

In particular, he argues strong data privacy helps reassure patients that their information is safe, helping reassure them in using the latest technologies.

The Role of Cardiac Nurses in the Digital Health Era

6. The Role of Cardiac Nurses in the Digital Health Era

Cardiac nurses are a vital part of any cardiology practice and judging by the results of this piece, written to mark International Nurses Day on May 12th, readers agree.

As the article also outlines, many nurses feel overworked and undervalued, and as cardiac care becomes more digital, there’s a need to ensure innovations are also designed with nurses in mind, who end up going through much of the data to triage which patients should be seen quickly by their physician.

This post features invaluable insight on these topics from former nurses and now BIOTRONIK team members Heather La Bore and Amy Walker-Weston.



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