BERLIN, Germany,

Study Results Show Stylet-Driven Leads Can be Used for LBBAP

Principal Investigator of Belgian Study Will Present Results in a Free Online Event Next Week Comparing Both Cardiac Pacing Approaches

BIOTRONIK has today announced an online event which will discuss insights from a recent study1 that focused on comparing stylet-driven pacing leads with lumen-less leads, that are currently industry standard for left-bundle branch area pacing (LBBAP). Next week’s event, aimed at implanting cardiologists, will host Belgian conduction system pacing expert Dr. Jan De Pooter.

Historically, LBBAP procedures have been exclusively performed using lumen-less pacing leads with fixed helix design. This standard could present more challenges to physicians during longer, more complex LBBAP implantations, lacking options for facilitated implantation.

A stylet provides additional pushability which has been shown to deliver more reliable, sturdier handling for physicians. Crucially, the stylet also assists physicians to reposition the lead during implantation, which is of particular importance during conduction system pacing procedures.

“This kind of lead has a good torqueability, explained by the fact that it has a larger outer lead body, giving you more grip to position the lead into the myocardium. This is also facilitated by the fact that you have the support of the stylet,” said Dr. Jan De Pooter, principal investigator, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium. “The stylet provides additional stability and support for implantation and fixation process — supporting penetration of the myocardium.”

Key findings from the study:

  • LBBAP with stylet-driven leads and extendable helix design is feasible and yields implant success comparable to current standard,
  • Procedural characteristics at implant and short-term follow-up are comparable with both stylet-driven and lumen-less leads, and
  • ECG characteristics, sensing values and lead impedances, were comparable to current standard.


Drive the Pace: Stylet-Driven Pacing Leads in Conduction System Pacing Procedures

When: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Time: 6-6:45pm (Central European Summer Time)

Where: Online streaming

Faculty: Prof. Roderick Tung (USA), Prof. Alan Bulava (CZE), Dr. Jan De Pooter (BEL)

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