Physicians Present at Cardiostim Conference´s All-Women Panel: Hot Topics in CRM

EPIC Alliance Members Share Cardiac Rhythm Management Expertise

NICE, France, June 8, 2016 – Physicians presented original research and real-world clinical evidence at a symposium organized by the EPIC Alliance, an initiative to promote women in the field of electrophysiology, this morning at the Cardiostim 2016 conference.

Physicians spoke about remote monitoring, CRT guidelines, ICD programming and new approaches to defibrillation and pacing during the EPIC Alliance symposium “Hear the Experts: Contemporary Issues in Cardiac Rhythm Management.” Fewer than 10 percent of electrophysiologists (EPs) in Europe and the US are women, and even fewer speak at scientific congresses or hold leadership positions in hospitals or professional associations.

Dr. Anja Schade, Helios Clinic, Erfurt, Germany, kicked off the symposium by discussing how ICDs should be programmed for primary and secondary prevention. Dr. Gemma Pelargonio, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy, went on to question whether the CRT guidelines are too restrictive.

Dr. Laura Vitali Serdoz, Fürth Clinic, Germany, told the audience about the real-world benefits of remote monitoring. “I’d highly recommend my colleagues start a remote monitoring program, especially for heart failure patients,” said Dr. Vitali Serdoz. “Over the last several years, it has led to significant health benefits in patients and improved our clinic's daily workflow. A lack of reimbursement in some countries is limiting the technology's wider utilization.”

Finally, Dr. Jordana Kron, VCU Pauley Heart Center, Richmond, Virginia, US, spoke about the next chapter of defibrillation and pacing with innovations such as leadless pacemakers.

“We all need role models to look up to and learn from,” said Dr. Andrea Russo, Cooper University Hospital, Camden, New Jersey, US, who co-chaired the session. “Panels like these show young physicians that women with different styles and personalities can become successful electrophysiologists. I hope that this encourages more women to choose the exciting and rewarding field of electrophysiology.”

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