Pacemaker Patient Finishes Charity Bike Ride at Device Company’s Bicester Office

English Pals Show Off Oxfordshire Countryside to BIOTRONIK Cardiac Patient in Germany to UK Charity Bike Tour

OXFORDSHIRE, UK and BERLIN, Germany, May 5, 2016 – you might think having a pacemaker means life of sedation, but that is not the case—especially not for 37-year-old Sascha Vergin who made a vigorous bike tour from Germany to Oxfordshire to fundraise for children with heart conditions.

Sascha, a skilled footballer who could have played professionally, was fitted with a pacemaker when he was just 19 due to a heart condition and irregular heartbeat. Thanks to his device, made by the Berlin based company BIOTRONIK—with UK offices in Bicester—he still enjoys an active life. After peddling hard for four days over 400 miles along with English friends, Sascha finished the tour by meeting the staff at BIOTRONIK’s UK office.

"We were delighted to have Sascha finish his tour at our offices,” said Amy Wright from BIOTRONIK UK. “He’s an inspiration and a great role model for our patients, especially those wishing to get more active. He shows that having a cardiac problem doesn’t have to hold you back. We congratulate him in completing this epic journey."

Paul Charlton, a cardiac physiologist at Great Western Hospital, Swindon added: “Cycling, more than any other physical activity, is a challenge in programming heartrate response for cardiac device patients. That Sascha has completed this strenuous bike journey is a true testament to the flexibility and quality of the device.”

Sascha regularly takes part in bicycle races and can travel over 6,000 miles annually on his trusty two wheels. Last year he was even champion in his cycling club. "I’m grateful to my pacemaker that I can continue to enjoy exercising, and since my English friends always talk about how beautiful the countryside is here, we decided to do a bike tour in the area. BIOTRONIK having offices here was another reason to visit," said the native of Brandenburg, Germany. "I also wanted to do good, so we combined the tour with fundraising.” Sascha’s team raised money for the Children's Heart Center in St. Augustin, near Bonn in Germany. This hospital helps children suffering from heart conditions. BIOTRONK staff members also made cash donations.

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