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New Alliance Maps the Way in Electrophysiology

A New Strategic Alliance Between BIOTRONIK, A Leader In Cardiac Rhythm Management, and Acutus Medical, Electrophysiology Innovator, Expected to Offer More Efficient and Effective Diagnosis and Treatment for Arrhythmia Patients

BIOTRONIK and Acutus Medical today announced a new alliance to provide a comprehensive portfolio of electrophysiology, mapping, ablation and accessory products for catheter-based treatment of cardiac arrhythmias across select markets, including Europe and Asia.

At the center of the new BIOTRONIK/Acutus Alliance for Electrophysiology lies the paradigm-shifting Acutus AcQMap® system with SuperMap™ multi-mode mapping capabilities. The AcQMap system is the only commercially available non-contact mapping system that can quickly and reliably map both stable and unstable rhythms, allowing electrophysiologists to see changes in conduction during the procedure and arming them with an optimal solution to better customize therapy.

The system optimizes visibility and helps to map and guide the treatment of any arrhythmia – from simple to highly complex - in under three minutes. Under terms of the agreement, Acutus expects to market under private label a range of BIOTRONIK EP ablation catheters and diagnostic/accessory products to most major international markets, providing a full suite of leading products for the electrophysiologist.

One of the objectives of the alliance is to optimize care for arrhythmia patients with an array of devices and monitors that would be linked digitally. This could happen through BIOTRONIK’s Home Monitoring® network with Acutus’ system in order to enable fully automatic transmission of real-time data between patients, physicians and technicians. We believe that a secure digital network across both cardiac rhythm management (CRM) and electrophysiology (EP) mapping and ablation devices has the potential to optimize care by providing physicians with high levels of connectivity and remote monitoring benefits before, during and after ablation, follow-up visits and other episodes of care, including digitally supported telemedicine.

Studies have shown that proactive monitoring through Home Monitoring helps to significantly reduce hospitalization1, stroke2 and mortality1. In addition, connecting physicians and health systems worldwide with efficient and cost-effective diagnostics, therapies and follow-up across both CRM and EP portfolios would help to modernize workflows and boost outcomes for patients.

“Healthcare systems around the world are facing continuous pressure to provide more targeted care for patients with better outcomes and reduced costs,” said President and CEO of Acutus Medical, Vince Burgess. “We are at the forefront of equipping electrophysiologists with the technology they need to deliver advanced and individualized ablation therapy – more efficiently. We believe this International Alliance has the potential to vault Acutus to the forefront of this important market.”

“As arrhythmias become more common, unprecedented access to real-time data will be integral to improving diagnosis and care,” said Segment Head of EP & Sensors at BIOTRONIK, Dr Hans-Juergen Wildau. “We believe pairing BIOTRONIK’s cardiac monitoring portfolio with Acutus’ innovative mapping technology will give EP specialists the edge in therapy guidance systems.”



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