Five Cardiology Podcasts to Get Into

Dedicated athletic woman running in nature and dawn.

With being able to listen in while getting something else done – such as running, commuting or cooking – podcasts offer up great ways for us to keep up with what’s going on in every field imaginable – and cardiology is no exception.

An estimated 465 million people now listen to podcasts around the world, including around a third of Americans, almost half of people in Scandinavian countries, and nearly 60 percent of South Koreans – just to name a few examples.

While the plethora of podcast options is huge, health and science podcasts come in eighth and sixth respectively for most popular podcast genres.

Podcast listening is particularly high in the morning, with commuting being a favorite time to listen and 22 percent listening while driving – making it a great medium to consider when trying to stay ahead of the latest cardiology trends and research.

But where do you start?

We picked out a few of our favorites to help you stay ahead of the cardiology curve.


Circulation on the Run

Designed for those for whom time is of the essence, this podcast comes with a 15-minute rundown of the entire episode right at the beginning, covering the most important facts and key messages that’ll be discussed during the show. Busy clinicians on the run can take advantage of the condensed version during their commute – or even, you guessed it – on a short run or other exercise session.

Following the 15-minute digest though, hosts Dr. Carolyn SP Lam, Dr. W. Gregory Hundley and Dr. Peder L. Myhre do a deep dive into the week’s theme, discussing newly released research in greater detail for those who want to get the full rundown.

Recent episodes have discussed new studies in STEMI, pulsed field ablation to treat atrial fibrillation, and a host of pharmacology topics.

Getting to the Heart of Stroke

This three-part podcast series from the American Heart Association zeroes in specifically on issues around stroke.

With clinician hosts changing every week, listeners also hear from nurses and a patient – about stroke diagnostics and long-term ECG monitoring, as well as secondary stroke prevention.

Experts also discuss diversity concerns in the field, such as how care may need to differ for patients of certain minority groups, and how to facilitate better cooperation between cardiologists and neurologists.


CardioNerds Podcast

Hosted by the CardioNerds network founded by Dr. Amit Goyal and Dr. Daniel Ambinder, CardioNerds has put out over 300 episodes since 2019, bringing in numerous fellow “nerds” from many different fields of expertise in cardiology, with a new special guest per week.

CardioNerds makes a special dedicated effort to increase diversity in the field through its invited guests, who may come from groups typically underrepresented in cardiology.

You can also go through the list of episodes either chronologically – or search them by topic – to quickly find an expert podcast on exactly what you’re looking for.

Episodes include a discussion on women’s cardiovascular health with Dr. Martha Gulati, a seven-part series on heart failure with each episode in the series having a different guest to discuss different treatment options, and a rundown of opportunities for international medical graduates in cardiology with Dr. William Zoghbi.

At the Heart of It

The American Heart Association podcast network brings us this gem with Nancy Brown, which combines discussions of heart health with general well-being and inspiring stories. While not strictly a “heart only” podcast, Brown delves into self-care and prioritising health with a number of celebrity guests.

They include Arianna Huffington on getting enough sleep, listening to your body with NFL and NBA reporter Jen Hale, and dealing with heart failure with actor Jason Gray-Stanford.


Love Your Heart

The Cleveland Clinic brings us this podcast focused on everything to do with heart and vascular disease – basically any condition that might affect the chest area.

Exploring everything from prevention to diagnostics and advanced surgical treatments, this podcast has a little something for everyone concerned with the heart, whether they’re patients or expert clinicians.

Episodes explore everything from what type of bioprosthetic heart valves certain patients might need to lipoproteins and Peripheral Artery Disease.

With so many podcasts on offer in general, and no shortage of good cardiology ones, there’s plenty of ways to take advantage of this medium for your own research and development – or even recommending certain editions to patients, to give them as much information as you can about maintaining heart health.


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