TOKYO, Japan,

First BIOTRONIK Pacemakers in Japan Approved for 3 Tesla Full-Body MRIs

Evity SR-T and DR-T Pacemakers Will Allow Patients Full Access to MRIs without Exclusion Zone Restrictions

BIOTRONIK’s latest offering of pacemaker systems, now approved for 3 tesla (T) full-body MRI scans (FBS), launched in Japan today. The Evity series of single- (SR-T) and dual-chamber (DR-T) pacemakers are outfitted with MRI AutoDetect, which automatically recognizes when a patient is in an MRI environment and immediately makes the necessary adjustments, without a physician needing to program the device.

“Diagnosing and managing a variety of diseases is most effective when 3 T scanning is used. The Evity pacemaker series now allows patients to access the ultra-high resolution imaging that 3 T full body scans provide,” said Dr. Junichi Nitta, Saitama Red Cross Hospital, Saitama City, Japan. “At the same time Evity’s small size and the dual-chamber pacemakers’ 9.3 years longevity add benefits for patients.”

With BIOTRONIK ProMRI® Evity pacemakers, radiologists in the world’s largest MRI market can now offer cardiac device patients a complete range of high-quality imaging options. Evity’s approval for full-body imaging allows physicians to scan and diagnose body areas that were historically excluded for pacemaker patients. These include the breast, heart, abdomen and spine.

“We simply believe patients who need cardiac devices should not have to go without potentially life-saving scans because they have an implant,” stated Jeffrey Annis, Managing Director, BIOTRONIK Japan. “With the MRI AutoDetect sensor on board, we’re working to increase care options for our patients while also improving workflows between cardiologists and radiologists.”

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