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Temperature Sensor to More Cardiac Monitor Patients at No Charge

BIOTRONIK’s BIOMONITOR III and BIOMONITOR IIIm Devices Can Now Provide Physicians with Access to Vital Data

BIOTRONIK announced today that more cardiac patients will have immediate access to its exclusive Vital Data Sensor technology. In an unprecedented move, BIOTRONIK will extend the technology available in its latest generation of injectable cardiac monitors (ICM) – BIOMONITOR IIIm – to all BIOMONITOR III devices in the United States. Physicians will have immediate access to valuable vital data information for patients already implanted with either device.

BIOTRONIK ICMs are the only cardiac rhythm management devices to have an FDA-cleared temperature sensor. By rolling out this important technology to existing implanted devices, BIOTRONIK demonstrates its commitment to providing physicians with innovations that can help reduce risk for cardiac patients during the ongoing pandemic. The updated daily report will now contain vital data trends, including body temperature, and cardiac arrhythmia data to help them monitor patient health and their treatment remotely.

This technology allows physicians to stay connected with cardiac patients and proactively monitor them for warning signs at homepreserving capacity in hospitals for the sickest patients. This meaningful digital health innovation can potentially provide earlier detection while helping to streamline remote patient management.

BIOMONITOR III and IIIm include integrated sensor technologies designed to measure patient activity, heart rate and body temperature. The interrelationship between these vital signs and health conditions is well-documented, particularly fever, which leads to increases in mean and resting heart rates1 and possible decreases in activity levels.

“Given the impact of the pandemic on cardiac health, I am proud of BIOTRONIK’s announcement to extend the availability of this important technology to more patients,” said Dr. David Hayes, Chief Medical Officer of BIOTRONIK Inc. “Patients with cardiac conditions are at an increased risk for worse outcomes from many systemic illnesses, so close monitoring of these patients may help manage potential symptoms associated with a febrile response, particularly if it can be done safely and remotely.”

The adoption of telehealth combined with remote patient monitoring has grown exponentially in the current healthcare environment. As an innovative company, BIOTRONIK is bringing patient-centric innovation and disruptive digital health solutions to market. For more information about BIOMONITOR IIIm and the Vital Data Sensor, click here.


    1. Jensen MM, Brabrand M. The relationship between body temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate in acute patients at admission to a medical care unit. Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med 23, A12 (2015).

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