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BIOTRONIK’s Implantable Cardiac Monitor Receives Prestigious Industry Award

BIOMONITOR IIIm Received Frost & Sullivan’s ‘Enabling Technology Leadership Award’ 2021 for its High Precision Cardiac Monitoring

In association with Heart Rhythm 2021, BIOTRONIK today announced that the latest implantable cardiac monitor (ICM), BIOMONITOR IIIm, has been recognized by internationally-renowned research analysts Frost & Sullivan as high-performing across a range of innovation and customer value criteria.

The increased prevalence of cardiac disease, paired with the need to deliver more individualized and efficient healthcare, means that the use of ICMs, which remotely transmit vital clinical data, are now more important than ever. BIOMONITOR IIIm is a miniature electrocardiogram (ECG) device which records, stores and transmits clinical data that is integral in the diagnosis and long-term monitoring of cardiac patients, with maximum precision and for an extended period of time.

The key data ICMs need to deliver are high quality, reliable ECGs that cardiologists can rely upon to support an expedited and accurate diagnosis. BIOMONITOR IIIm’s exclusive design is central to providing high rhythm fidelity and detection accuracy due to its high amplitude R-waves that average 0.7mVs and result in noise-free, reliable ECGs.

“This award recognizes that, BIOTRONIK’s innovative ICM design—integrating a flexible antenna—delivers superior, high definition ECGs with optimal P-wave visibility and larger signal amplitude,” said David Hayes, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, BIOTRONIK, Inc. “Higher amplitudes minimize signal noise to allow uninterrupted cardiac monitoring, enabling healthcare professionals to better diagnose and monitor patients around the clock.”

BIOTRONIK’s ICM incorporates RhythmCheck®, an algorithm which minimizes the instances of false positive atrial fibrillation (AF) detection. While AF sensitivity remains favorable, at 99.1 percent, while bradycardia, asystole and sudden heart rate drop are maintained at 100 percent, the false detection rate is decreased, helping minimize the clinician workload associated with reviewing non-actionable ECGs in already stretched clinics.

“By allowing patients’ recorded cardiac rhythm disturbance to be automatically and wirelessly transmitted to physicians, the solution enables 24-hour monitoring from anywhere. The transmission compliance rate of the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring solution is 98%, the highest in the industry,” said Dr. M. Sneha Maria, Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Such efficacy is useful, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as physicians can continually monitor patients for warning signs without hospital visits.”

In its report, Frost & Sullivan also references BIOMONITOR IIIm’s industry-leading battery life of five and a half years and how the device’s flexible antenna, by design, adapts to the patient anatomy. In addition, it provides a patient-centered remote monitoring experience. These design specifications are some of the unique features which help better support physicians and patients.

To read the full Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Award 2021 report, click here.



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