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BIOTRONIK Simplifies MR-Conditional Cardiac System Selection with the Launch of the ProMRI Configurator

The ProMRI Configurator Online Tool Provides Physicians with a Quick and Easy Way to Proactively Select Device Systems that would Allow Heart Patients Access to MRI Scans

BIOTRONIK, a global leader in cardio- and endovascular medical technology, has developed an online tool that streamlines the workflow for physicians selecting the right MR-conditional heart monitor or pacing or ICD system for their patients.

The ProMRI® Configurator can be found at and is an intuitive user-friendly tool that allows physicians to select the desired MRI conditions, subsequently generating a selection of all suitable MR-conditional cardiac devices and leads approved and available in their country. In this way, physicians can ensure that patients receive the most appropriate MR-conditional cardiac system for access to MRI in case of a new implantation or a replacement.

BIOTRONIK manufactures the broadest range of MR-conditional devices on the market, along with a wide assortment of leads, offering a variety of options and combinations for different MR conditions. The ProMRI Configurator brings ease and convenience to the physician trying to find the most suitable set-up for the individual patients’ MRI needs.

The ProMRI Configurator marks the second offering of the ProMRI Check online platform. The first tool—the ProMRI SystemCheck—allows physicians and patients to retrospectively check whether an implanted cardiac system is MR-conditional. The ProMRI Configurator enhances the platform with its focus on the proactive selection of an MR-conditional system.

Last year, BIOTRONIK won the Cardiostim Innovation Award in the category “Best Practice Improvement” for its MRI AutoDetect1 feature in implantable cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices and pacemakers. MRI AutoDetect recognizes an MRI environment and automatically switches to and from MRI mode without the cardiologist’s intervention. This not only eases the workflow for patients, physicians and radiologists, but also adds to patients’ safety.

“At BIOTRONIK, we are deeply invested in enabling as many patients as possible to have access to MRI scans,” stated Manuel Ortega, Senior Vice President at BIOTRONIK. “With the addition of the ProMRI Configurator to our portfolio, we are making further advances towards this goal by making it simpler for doctors to determine the best system for each patient.”



1 Not currently available in the United States.


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