BIOTRONIK Reached the 9,000-Mark of Medical Devices Donated to Partner Heartbeat International Foundation

Underprivileged Patients in Comayagua, Honduras and Worldwide Received Free Cardiac Medical Care

BERLIN, Germany, December 22, 2016 – Over 15,000 lives have been saved since the founding of global charity Heartbeat International Foundation (HBI) in 1984. BIOTRONIK, leading cardiovascular technology manufacturer, played a key role in this effort, surpassing the 9,000-mark of cardiac devices donated to Heart Centers.

This year, a portion of BIOTRONIK devices were provided to and successfully implanted by members of HBI partner George Washington (GW) Medical Brigades in Honduras. “We started this chapter of Global Brigades many years ago. We saw the need not only for primary care but for cardiology. Very few patients have access to device therapy, and many patients die simply due to lack of access to medical care,” shared Dr. Cynthia Tracy, US cardiologist and professor and director at the George Washington University Hospital.

“Our collaboration with HBI has been extremely fruitful. They have taken the lead in device donations and help coordinate patient care in the times we need the most support. They make our work possible,” explained Dr. Tracy. This year’s Seventh Annual Medical Mission was a record breaking effort for GW Medical Brigades, with 45 device implants, more than 200 consultations, and more than 100 echocardiograms performed by the team in nine days. “The device implants are the highlight for us. They give our patients new life.”

In Trinidad and Tobago, HBI contributed not only devices but also to capacity building, training local volunteer physicians in application of implantation devices. “Our aim is to serve our partners and their patients holistically,” stated Michael Maniscalco, Chief Operations Officer of HBI. “We want our doctors to be confident in their work, and we want our patients to walk away with the best treatment. The HBI training program and quality of BIOTRONIK products make this possible.” Physicians and non-profit organizations interested in joining the mission of HBI can click here for volunteer and partnership opportunities.

    About BIOTRONIK:

    BIOTRONIK is a leading medical device company that has been developing trusted and innovative cardiovascular and endovascular solutions for more than 50 years. Driven by a purpose to perfectly match technology with the human body, BIOTRONIK innovations deliver care that saves and improves the lives of millions diagnosed with heart and blood vessel diseases every year. BIOTRONIK is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and represented in over 100 countries.