BERLIN, Germany,

BIOTRONIK Patient App Facilitates Digital Patient Engagement

BIOTRONIK Patient App is available for patients with a compatible BIOTRONIK cardiac device

BERLIN, Germany – BIOTRONIK announced today the introduction of a new mobile app update for cardiac device patients which is designed to facilitate exchange with clinical staff and to better engage patients in their care. The Patient App can be used by patients across the full range of compatible BIOTRONIK CRM devices. With the app, clinicians have the ability to decide if they want patients to record symptoms through the app. Additionally, it tracks heart rate trends, the device’s battery status and the last time the implant has transmitted data to BIOTRONIK’s Home Monitoring Service Center. Lastly, it includes an electronic patient ID card which can be presented at airport security controls.

The BIOTRONIK Patient App is designed with ease of use in mind: Without the complications of having to help patients connect smartphones with cardiac devices, clinicians now have access to patient-reported symptoms. As a result, healthcare professionals can see patient symptoms in addition to ECGs on the same Home Monitoring platform. Thus, clinical staff have a more comprehensive data set for performing their diagnostic assessment digitally and remotely before calling patients. Use of the Patient App is voluntary and patients should always consult with their doctors before using the app.

“The app simplifies our processes and even saves us time,” said Helge Wuttig, Clinic and Study Manager at Minden University Hospital, Germany. “Being able to check the battery and telemonitoring status themselves gives patients peace of mind. When we receive information on the patient’s symptoms in addition to the recorded events, we can check online if the symptoms are associated with a cardiac event and decide if the patient should come to the hospital or not. All in all, patients feel much more involved in the treatment process.”

The BIOTRONIK Patient App is available in Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It can be downloaded from the AppStore for iOS and from Google Play for Android smartphones.

BIOTRONIK devices compatible with the Patient App are: Edora, Eluna, Enitra, Enticos, Epyra, Etrinsa, Evity, Acticor, Rivacor, Ilivia, Ilivia Neo, Inlexa, Intica, Intica Neo, Inventra, Iperia, Itrevia, BIOMONITOR III and BIOMONITOR IIIm.


More information:

  • Find out more about the BIOTRONIK Patient App on the BIOTRONIK website
  • Find out more about BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring on the BIOTRONIK website
  • For data sent via the BIOTRONIK Patient App the same standards and levels of data protection apply as for data provided via Home Monitoring.  The BIOTRONIK Patient App privacy statement can be found here.
  • The BIOTRONIK Patient App is not available in all countries. Please contact a local BIOTRONIK representative for more information.

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