BIOTRONIK Launches Edora Pacemaker Series with MRI AutoDetect Technology

Edora SR-T is the Smallest MR Conditional Pacemaker with Automated MRI Detection Capability Available in the US

BIOTRONIK today announced the availability of the Edora line of devices, the company’s first available pacemaker series featuring BIOTRONIK’s MRI AutoDetect technology.

Edora SR-T is the smallest MR conditional pacemaker with automated MRI detection capability available in the US with a volume of 10 cc and weight of 20.8 g. Designed with patient comfort in mind, Edora’s small footprint provides innovative technology and effective treatment for varying patient anatomies without compromising battery longevity. The lifespan of Edora devices can exceed 13 years.

The Edora series with MRI AutoDetect minimizes programming burdens while ensuring patient safety during MR imaging. MRI AutoDetect automatically recognizes when a patient enters an MRI field and converts the device to MRI mode. The device then returns to its permanent program following the completion of the scan.

“MR conditional devices have impacted patient care significantly, but they create complexities for healthcare providers. Aligning clinical schedules to ensure devices are programmed at the right time is a real logistical challenge,” said Dr. Rod Passman, Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. “MRI AutoDetect helps overcome this by significantly shortening the window of reduced therapy and eliminating the need for post-scan reprogramming appointments. This means improved patient safety and increased operational efficiency, which ultimately translates to better patient care.”

Edora pacemakers also feature BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® and Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS), the most physiological rate response.

“At BIOTRONIK, we’re focused on developing solutions that help patients experience life to the fullest. Edora is another example of this commitment,” said Marlou Janssen, President of BIOTRONIK, Inc. “Our small, full-featured devices with groundbreaking MRI AutoDetect technology impact patient health and provider efficiency by delivering trusted and practical features that make a meaningful difference in the patient care cycle.”

MRI AutoDetect received the CARDIOSTIM Innovation Award for Practice Improvement Product at the 2016 European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIM conference.



1 Not currently available in the United States.

2 CAUTION – Investigational device. Limited by United States law to investigational use.Disclosure: Dr. Rod Passman has received honoraria from BIOTRONIK for a speaking engagement and participation in sponsored expert panels.


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