BUELACH, Switzerland,

BIOTRONIK Introduces Thinner, Stronger, More Flexible Iliac Stent

Next-Generation Cobalt Chromium Balloon-Expandable Dynetic-35 Stent Provides Full Size Range in 6 French Compatibility

BIOTRONIK is proud to announce the availability of its next-generation balloon-expandable cobalt chromium iliac stent system, Dynetic®-35. When compared to leading competitors, the new peripheral stent has up to 14 times greater flexibility and up to 23% higher radial strength.1,2 It is indicated for the treatment of de novo or restenotic atherosclerotic lesions in the iliac arteries and is approved for use in Europe and other markets that recognize CE mark certification.

The entire Dynetic-35 stent size matrix is 6 F compatible, including stent diameters of 5.0 to 10.0 mm and lengths of 18.0 to 78.0 mm, and comes in working lengths of 90, 130, and 170 cm, the largest range of iliac stent sizes on the market.3,4 The thin-strut stent combined with the low crossing profile of the balloon catheter delivery system enhances deliverability.1

“The new Dynetic-35 is a true improvement over the previous-generation stainless steel iliac stent. The flexibility, lower profile and improved deliverability allow direct stenting even in more challenging lesions,” said Dr. Michael Lichtenberg, Chief of Angiology at Arnsberg Vascular Center in Germany. “In my clinical experience with the new stent system, I have been impressed by the smooth placement and deployment for a direct stenting approach, as well as the radial strength of the stent.”

With the 170 cm catheter length option, the Dynetic-35 system also enables a radial access approach. "In my practice, I often have the need to use radial access to treat iliac artery disease, which provides more patient comfort and earlier ambulation,” explained Dr. Mercedes Guerra-Requena, Chief of Angiology, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery at Guadalajara Hospital in Guadalajara, Spain. Until now, available options for a radial approach have been limited. Fortunately, the new Dynetic-35 stent’s 170 cm length delivery system option and 6 F sheath compatibility enables me to comfortably use a radial approach.”

“The next-generation Dynetic-35 is a testament to BIOTRONIK’s continued mission to develop innovative devices that improve the lives of patients,” said Dr. Alexander Uhl, President of Vascular Intervention at BIOTRONIK. “We are proud to be able to offer our signature thin-strut stent design in the largest size range on the market while staying 6 F compatible for the entire product line.”


Dynetic is a trademark or registered trademark of BIOTRONIK Group of Companies.


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